Friday, 20 November 2015

A Takeover of Rural Review: Week 11!

Today, students from Thirsk school and sixth form college took over Rural Arts for the day. It was pretty swell. We split off into teams and undertook activities to help advertise Hey Clay! which will take place on Saturday 5th December at The Courthouse in Thirsk. Each team performed a different task, from media skills to workshop creation. For example, we are students writing this blog - which explains the sub-par quality of text... (Rural Review editor note: I think it's excellent!)

The day started at 9 o clock with introductions and a short activity where we looked at different programming ideas for the ON Tour scheme. We looked at a range of shows and gave critical responses to them. See below for evidence!

We then were fascinated by a live demonstration of pottery by amazing potter Gordon Broadhurst - it was very impressive watching him work and we were awe struck. However the experience dampened somewhat by the horrific tragedy of clay on my jeans... (Rural review editor note: Apologies for this Sue, have fun cleaning!) Click HERE for our twitter to see Gordon in action.

After that we were 'shown the ropes' of the state of the art media studio, which you can hire at a very reasonable cost (link found HERE). Two of us started a friendly competition to see whose banner that was created would be shown outside Rural Arts - if you want to see who the winner is have a peruse outside of Rural Arts. Then maybe come in and buy a cake or three?

Scone throwing in the Rural Arts cafe!
One of us was sent off to the ironically lonely world of social media to document and promote the day on Twitter and Facebook. I learnt the importance of plugging and promoting all things Rural Arts at any given opportunity. Can you tell? (Also follow us on Facebook by clicking HERE)

#TooManyScreens, Theo hard at work!
Some other students came, but to be honest we don't really care what they are doing... and the best thing is they can't even edit this... JK lol (Rural Review editor note: this means just kidding, laugh out loud for all those who might not understand text speak - god aren't we all old?) They have actually been in the gallery and the workshop studio, creating an exhibition and workshop respectively for the Hey Clay! day. We can't wait to see this finished product and if you want to see the gallery's work you can follow them on twitter as well! (Link found HERE)

The day has been very worthwhile and we hope that we have been helpful in preparing for Hey Clay! We would recommend the day to anybody hopeful of going into a career in arts design, or just wants a day off school (only joking its actually been a longer day than normal and a lot of hard work)

Thanks Rural Arts - it's been pretty swell. (Rural Review editor note: it really has.)
From left: Theo, Tom, Jennie

Friday, 13 November 2015

A Rural Review: Week 10!

So we've made it to double figures! Yes that's right, our little blog is all grown up. Still, even though we could spend many pages celebrating this, quite frankly, monumental achievement, we won't. Why not, I hear you ask? Well it's a good question, but we must save the back-patting and high-fiving for another day and press on with what we do best. It has been another fabulous week here at Rural Arts, and with equally fabulous events coming up, our first duty is to you, loyal readers, to make sure you are all clued up on what is going on in the Rural Arts world. With that in mind...

What's been happening

Lindsay Hannon and #CREATEtour

On Saturday, the Courthouse was full of the smooth, soulful sounds of jazz... and the Lindsay Hannon Plus weren't bad either! Supported by Lindsay, young people from Redcar and East Cleveland who participated in the #CREATEtour performed an original set of songs, which was followed by an amazing set by the band themselves. Forget Guy Fawkes, it was Lindsay and her band who provided Rural Arts with some fireworks (albeit beautifully sung, musical ones). We need to extend a huge thank you to Lindsay, who was a wonderful performer and an equally wonderful workshop leader, and of course the young people who were talented, dedicated and professional. We will miss having them around, and the ON Tour team can't stop singing the songs they made (to see one of those in action, see our videos on our Facebook page - click HERE and they are down the side). Until next year #CREATEtour!

All of the Art!
Our weekly workshops continue to be a hit with people of all ages. On Wednesday, our adult art club 'A Taste Of'... sessions continued with an introduction to plaster impressions, and the results were brilliant. We also have had 30 cubs in to do wood burning, the introduction to print making workshops are still producing amazing results and the kids at Thursday art club did some cubism (Picasso eat your heart out). This is not even including our two Saturday art clubs.... as you can tell it's been a busy old week, but a completely creatively corking one at that (we love alliteration here, for proof please see the title of our blog...)
Some of the fruit of our labours this week!

Edwina Hayes (sort of)
So yes. This is a little bit of a cheat and we can only apologise for that.  Our problem is we have so much coming up next week we have had to do a bit of moving around to fit it all in! Edwina Hayes, the 'sweetest voice in England' (as proclaimed by Nanci Griffiths) is back at the Courthouse this Saturday 14th November for what is sure to be a smash performance. Now although this fits into what's been happening, there are a very very limited number of tickets left, so you have the chance to go all Marty McFly on us and buy tickets for a past event by clicking HERE (is anyone else confused?!) Edwina is a superb performer who has delivered many amazing shows here before and Saturday promises to be no different. 

What's Coming Up

Of Mice and Men
Can you believe this is next week?! It feels like only last Rural Review it was officially announced that we would be hosting National Theatre live... where does the time go eh? We are incredibly excited for the first showing of a National Theatre performance, and it is a cracker aswell. Come to The Courthouse on Thursday 19th November to see the new adaptation of the classic book that  has had 15 year olds all over the country rejoicing as they get to go to the cinema as English homework. Starring global superstars James Franco and Chris O'Dowd, this performance has been lauded as 'a moving masterpiece' (Time) and 'a stirring revival' (New York Daily News) and you can still get tickets by clicking HERE! 
(I know we share this photo every week but seriously look how nice it is...)

Our next ON Tour performance is a pretty darn exciting one. Acclaimed dance company Sonia Sabri are coming to North Yorkshire and East Cleveland for their amazing show Salaam (which translates as peace). Created in response to all the troubles in the world, it combines beautiful Tabla music by maestro Sarvar Sabri - who performs outstanding compositions of rhythm, with complexity and speed, through his unique finger work with movement from Sonia, who presents sheer magic through expressive and rhythmic Kathak dance. We have two shows of this amazing event, one in Loftus on the 20th November and one in Masham on the 21st. Tickets for either show can be bought HERE and you really don't want to miss out on these, we at Rural Review have already purchased ours!

Porcelain Christmas Decorations
So the John Lewis advert is out (we cried), the decorations are out in the stores (we scoffed) and the mince pies are on the plates (we scoffed but in a different sense...) It just would not be a Rural Review without you being told about an amazing workshop you can do and this week is no different. However, what is different is that this one is all about the C-word. Yes, it's happening, don't pretend it's not- you can't hide from it for ever. So dust off your Christmas Jumper and head down to Rural Arts on the 23rd November where you can make some beautiful Porcelain decorations to give your presents that personal touch. Click HERE to sign up. Maybe you could even make a lovely porcelain telescope...attach some balloons... and then send it to the moon? *eyes begin to well up* 

We are stopping here before we start crying again (that pesky store really does know how to pull on the old heart strings) and let you know we will back next week with another blog. However - cliffhanger alert!-  it may be slightly different than what you are used too..See you next time!

Saturday, 31 October 2015

A Rural Review: Week 9!

Did you miss us? Like a phoenix rising from the flames, your favourite blog a Rural Review is back after a week long hiatus. In the week where apples are bobbed, spooky stories are told and sweets are given out at the drop of a witchy hat – we at Rural Arts have been busier than ever. So we have got an extra special, Sinister Rural Review for you - prepare yourselves as we recount our terrifying week and what frightfully fun activities we have coming up - mwahahahahahah! (So just to confirm – it is a normal Rural Review with the occasional Halloween-themed word…)

‘The happenings’ (See what I did there?!)

Horrifying Half term Workshops

Where to start with this week at the Courthouse! As a celebration of Halloween and half term each day we have had workshops happening in both the morning and the afternoon, and it has been so much fun. Alongside the amazing pictures which have been made everyday as part of the worlds biggest drawing festival ‘Big Draw’, the Rural Arts workshop and cafĂ© team have also helped hundreds of young people made spooky CD animals,  edible spider treats, mini beasts in glass pebbels and scary Halloween masks! It has been pleasure watching our venue be taken over by families, and watching everyone, young and old, make wonderful (and in some cases tasty) creations. Although we are a little tired (!), it has been a Scream -  and we want to say thank you to everyone who got involved, you have made this Halloween week memorable for all the right reasons.

 We Saw so many amazing things created we could dedicate a whole blog to them - this is just a snapshot! Also if you want to sign up to any of our other workshops that are happening before christmas, you can book online by clicking HERE or even give us (the) Ring on 01845 526536.

Creepy Create Tour

This is a first for a Rural Review  (how exciting) we have a guest writer this week! But remember we don’t do things by half here at Rural Review HQ and so we do not have just one guest writer – we have 12! Alongside our Halloween workshops, this week the ON Tour team has been out at the Create Tour – where young people from Redcar and East Cleveland have worked with jazz singer Lindsay Hannon creating a short performance that will tour around local venues as her opening act as part of the ON Tour scheme. But enough from boring old me, you get to read my writing every week, here are the young people taking about the Create Tour in their own words (we didn’t pay them I swear):

  • “This is my first time doing the Create Tour and it was really fun”
  • “The Create Tour is a great experience – it’s a place to meet new friends and have a brilliant time. Also Lindsay and Liz were amazing!”
  • “The Create Tour gives you a once in a lifetime opportunity to express your thoughts and feelings through dramatic arts’
  • “It has built my confidence because everyone is so supportive”
  • “It has been a great experience , it was fun creative and I feel like I have progressed”
  • “I found it a really good experience, I have built my confidence and made loads of new friends”
  • “I would like to say that it really boosts my confidence and let me express who I am. The leaders were so supportive of everything I did and I want to thank them for all your help”
  • “I thought it was fun because you go to express your imagination and meet new people. I would definitely do it again.”
  • “It was well worth spending your half term on- I loved it!”
  • “It’s a very good experience that allows you to see what you can achieve”
  • “We created our own song! And we met new friends. I really enjoyed making music with Lindsay and Liz”
  • “I really enoiyed having  the chance to create new songs and put them on stage and then show others what we have done”
A huge thanks to all the young people involved - they are The Shining stars of the project and need to be congratulated for all their hard work. Also we want to say a huge thank you to Lindsay  (more on her later!) and Liz, who were brilliant leaders. Pictures will follow next week, but in the meantime here is a 'wordcloud' which sums up how the young people descried their experience of the project:

‘The future happenings’ (less good I know)

Haunting Hannon jazz performance

If the Create Tour section of this blog has peaked your interest, well then listen up! You can see the young peoples performance on 4 nights next week as the opening act for Lindsay Hannon. The Lindsay Hannon Plus (who are one of the top touring jazz bands in the country) are doing gigs in Tuned In in Redcar, Pickering Memorial Hall, Burniston & Cloughton and The Courthouse in Thirsk, and you can still get tickets! (Also if you are looking for an Omen, Lindsay is performing from the 4th to 7th of November, so expect fireworks and a sparkling set!) Click HERE to get yourself down to these events – they are not too be missed!

Nightmare National Theatre Live

Have you heard the exciting news about the Courthouse hosting National Theatre live- well if you hadn’t, you have now! (You really should have known by now as it was talked about a lot last month, so you are finding out 28 days later than most people...) The first National Theatre performance is a cracker aswell – James Franco and Chris O’Dowd starring in the critically acclaimed version Of Mice and Men and is kicking off on the 19th November. It is the biggest National Theatre live double act since Frankenstein and you would be Psycho to miss out, so click HERE to get tickets!

We love this picture...

Hair-Raising Hey Clay!

This event is perfect for anyone who has never had the chance to work with clay or who wants to become The Excorist of some dodgy art lessons in school! To join forces with the new BBC documentary, The Great British Pottery Throwdown, which starts on the 11th November, Rural Arts are hosting Hey Clay on the 5th December. As well as showcasing the work of the top potters in the region, you can try your hand at a range of pottery styles with our fantastic workshop team. This event is perfect for all the family, so make sure you bring The Children, and come and have an amazing time. It is a free event and you can just pop in if you are passing through - but to guarantee yourself a place on the workshops click HERE to sign onto the workshops

Yes we know we could make a 'Ghost' pun here... but it just seems too easy doesn't it?

I am afraid to say Hey Clay is the Final Destination for this weeks Rural Review and we are finished for this post... But! In honour of Halloween, we have subtly included many of the most well known horror films in this blog (we are sure you picked this up because a lot are quite rubbish...) There are 14 films in here, so why not go back through and see if you can find them all! Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, 16 October 2015

A Rural Review: Week 8!

Good Friday one and all and happy 'Rural Review' day! With every week that passes the days get shorter and chillier and we are now feeling thoroughly autumnal here at Rural Arts - and as the leaves fall from the trees, and the conker competitions start and then stop due to health and safety concerns (insert 'world gone mad' comment here) our programme gets increasingly busy as we get into the nitty gritty of all thats gone on! Why not take a look by reading below

Whats been happening

A week of workshops!
Print making, observational drawing, ceramic pumpkins and gargoyles... The Courthouse this week has been filled with sweet sounds of making and creating. This doesn't even take into account the Kids and Adults Art Clubs, so as you can imagine we have been pretty busy in our workshop space this week. We have had all ages and abilities involved  and many wonderful things have been created. Unfortunately there isn't space to put pictures up of everything (it would take someone about three hours to scroll through it all), but below is just a smidgen of what has been going on!

Tweet Up
This week 3 of our staff members decided to go to Helmsley and attend an event called a 'tweet up'. A 'tweet up' is  an event to learn how best to use and utilise twitter - the social media website that has become an integral marketing tool that has become so important in todays world. Our staff members attended because it would be very important for our business links and networking opportunities...and it was nothing AT ALL do to with the fact the event was hosted at a fish and chip shop.... Just kidding!  The 'tweet up' was a brilliant event and a wonderful opportunity to meet some new people and make connections - in fact we were so taken with the idea we will be hosting one of our own in the near future - so keep your eyes peeled for that. By the way, talking of twitter, our twitter is awesome and amazing and the best profile on the site - follow us @ruralarts to see if I am telling the truth (I am). A big thank you to Helmsley Fish and Chips and everyone we met for a wonderful evening - and for those wondering - a chip or two may have been eaten along the way!
The tea at the Tweet Up, supplied by the fabulous Helmsley Fish and Chips. You can admit, you are a little hungry aren't you? (Just go and get some yourself - it's Friday, you've earnt it!)

Rural Arts in the News!
We have had a very busy week publicising our next events coming up and we thought we should draw your attention to a couple. Lindsay Hannon is coming up in November (buy tickets HERE - she's proper proper good) and we have been working hard getting the word out! First off - prepare yourselves - I want you to go and read another blog (as you can imagine we at Rural Review really appreciate a good blog post!) Read the amazing Northern Jazz live blog which is the place to go for all your information about the jazz performances in the North. They were kind enough to include our upcoming Lindsay Hannon performances in it - click HERE to read it and please do read the other articles, it is a brilliant resource from a hugely experienced and knowledgable team. Lindsay also featured on the news page for national radio station Jazz FM (which you can read HERE) and also by Scarborough jazz festival (read HERE
Lindsay has been everywhere this week!

Whats coming up

Half Term Workshops
Did all the talk of workshops make you feel a bit of longing to get stuck in to some art once again? Did you think we couldn't be possibly be more busy with workshops than we were this week? Are you getting sick of every Rural Review having rhetorical questions in the form of a power of three? Well in the same way I refuse to stop using my GCSE- level understanding of persuasive writing, Rural Arts will not stop putting on exciting workshops for you to be a part of! Our Half term is packed with activities for the family  to be involved with - with an average of two workshops a day we definitely have something for everyone! Click HERE to see what is going down.

Mask making is just one of the things you could get involved with! 

Edwina Hayes
After the marvellous Lindsay Hannon, our next performance is the different, but equally marvellous, Edwina Hayes! The sweet singing sensation, who rose to prominence after her haunting version of 'Feels like Home' was featured in the film My Sisters Keeper, returns to Rural Arts on the 14th November. There is less than a month to get your tickets for this and they are selling pretty darn quickly, so get yours HERE. I am now going to put the link to her song Feels Like Home, underneath. ( Yes, dedicated readers of A Rural Review, I have posted this before but I won't apologise - this version is beautiful and I wanted an excuse to hear it again! So I will ask you to pre-emptively stop your complaining about a decline in originality and just listen...) 

Takeover Day
At the moment Rural Arts is running as normal - but in around a month you might see some big changes for a day! We are getting involved in Takeover Day, an annual event organised by the Children's Commissioner For England - where young people all over the country get the opportunity to get involved in the day to day running of an organisation. However this isn't work experience (no tea will be made we promise!) instead the participants get the chance to make key decisions about how we work and make their mark on Rural Arts! You never know, you might even see a change in a Rural Review... 

...But you won't see a change next week! Rural Review will be back and with another recap - so see you next time!

Friday, 9 October 2015

A Rural Review: Week 7!

Can you believe it is here again! Time flies when you are writing weekly blog posts doesn't it? But yes, it is time for another Rural Review - another chance for us to give you the lowdown on all we have done this week and then swiftly moving on to look at what we will be doing in the near future and get all excited!

What's been happening

#CREATEtour Taster Day
On Sunday Rural Arts took over Tuned In for a day singing, song writing and all round great fun! Acclaimed jazz singer Lindsay Hannon ran two amazing sessions in Redcar as an introduction to our full #CREATEtour which is happening in late October - and to be honest the ON Tour team enjoyed being involved almost as much as the participants!

If these photos inspire the jazz singer in you- fear not! We still have a few places left if you want to sign up for our #CREATEtour that is running at the end of October. If you are aged between 11-18, in the Redcar and East Cleveland area, and love singing or want to try something new and exciting get yourself signed up - call 01845 526 536 or e-mail to do just that. If you want more information just click HERE. Also to book to see Lindsay and the young people in action you can click HERE to book tickets to her fabulous shows in November!

New Website - coming soon!
This is something not mentioned a lot in a Rural Review but this is the incredibly exciting project that continues to rumble on behind the scenes. Our brand-spanking new website, equipped with loads of new features which will make it even easier for you to get involved with all things Rural Arts, is beginning to take shape and we cannot wait to show you it in the near future. We can't show you any pictures yet (We are going all Doctor Who on you...'no spoilers!') but keep your eyes peeled for it in the near future. Finally, for those of you worrying - take a breath, calm yourself down - even on this new website there will still be a place for A Rural Review!

Thirsk Hour
On Thursday it was Rural Arts turn once again to take over the Twitter airwaves to host Thirsk Hour - which is the weekly Twitter event where all in Thirsk can tune in to see what is going on in our marvellous town. It is an hour ran by and for local businesses - and is a brilliant way to find out about all the exciting events happening in your local area. This week it was ran to perfection by our director Angela Hall and Marketing Officer Immy Shaw - it even included a cheeky limerick to celebrate national poetry day! (as you may well know we love a poem in a Rural Review - click HERE to read our much more ham fisted attempt in week 3..) Thirsk Hour runs every Thursday between 7-8 pm so to get involved either tweet or hashtag @Thirskhour! Also you should follow us @ruralarts because... well because we are just generally all round awesome (not biased at all), and that should be good enough for you!
These smiling faces would love to hear from you on twitter on a thursday between 7 and 8!

Also - a brand new twitter account, @volunteerthirsk, has been set up - this is for all local businesses looking for volunteers in the Thirsk area to get involved and help out- you should definitely follow them aswell.

What's coming up

National Theatre Live
Here's a mini teaser for you: What do Dominic West, Michelle Dockery, Chris O'Dowd and James Franco all have in common? They are all coming to our lovely Courthouse in the near future! Earlier this week we announced the thrilling news that we will be streaming National Theatre performances live from our base at The Courthouse. This is your chance to see the biggest shows in the country for affordable prices and without having to get on even one tube! Our first show is Of Mice and Men on the 19th November and these tickets are already selling super fast - so click HERE to grab them while you can! 
Seriously, look at this trailer... how good does it look!? There could be a whole Rural Review dedicated to how excited we are about the show on the basis of this trailer alone, but we must press on... talking of pressing on....(dubious segway alert!!)

Introduction to Print Making
We're sorry about that... But! Next week kicks off the Introduction to Print making course with Andy Dalton, which is sure to be a fantastic event. Join us for every tuesday for the next six weeks to learn about various methods of print making - including print making, dry point and mono print. There is no experience required - just enthusiasm! To sign up for our last few places you can click HERE
Look how much fun is being had here - this could be you if you sign up!

The Big Draw
Let's continue with the workshop theme, and in fact the print making theme (hasn't this worked well!)  and tell you about this fantastic family workshop that you can get involved with over the October half term. The Big Draw is a national event happening at arts organisations up and down the country made especially for families- so come down to The Courthouse every morning in October half term to try your hand at some family-friending etching. Whether you are young, old or somewhere in between, this is the activity for you! You can click HERE to learn more and HERE to sign up.

This is just one of a number of October Half term activities happening at the Courthouse- with mask making,  spooky cd animals and mini beasts all making an appearance! Finally for those who are both devasted and baking inspired in equal measure at the end of the year's biggest national event, The Great British Bake Off, we even have something for you - click HERE to read about all the workshops we offer.
Hey Clay
They say nothing in this world comes free... well we have another fantastic nationwide arts-initative we are involved with that is an exception to the rule! To tie in with the BBC program The Great British Pottery Throwdown - we are hosting a morning where you can see all the regional potters in the area and also give pottery a go for the first time. This is another event perfect for families - so get yourself down to Rural Arts on the 5th December- click HERE to reserve a place
Come to Hey Clay - it is sure to be a 'Hoot!'

And I think with that terrible joke it is time to end... Thanks for reading and we will see you next week for another Rural Review!

Friday, 2 October 2015

A Rural Review: Week 6!

Welcome back to A Rural Review! This week has seen a brand new newsletter, stone carvings, print making, an exhibition from some lovely WI ladies and urban dance... so all in all it is set to be a pretty standard blog for Rural Arts! If you this is your first time reading this blog (if so you're late - where have you been for six weeks?!) 'Rural Review' is  a light hearted look back at this week at the Courthouse and also gently points you in the direction of future events you should keep your eyes peeled for in the Rural Arts Calendar!

What's been happening

'Urban Conceptz'
On thursday the ON Tour team made the trip down to Doncaster to see the dance company Urban Conceptz perform their dance double bill - 'Inside my mind' and 'The Present Perspective' at the Cast. It was a great evening and so exciting to see a packed out theatre for an emerging company. It was great to see cutting-edge, contemporary dance at a fantastic new venue, and we are sure we will see more of Urban Conceptz in the future!
Click the video to see Urban Conceptz in action!

Our newsletter for October is here! These days, for environmental purposes, our newsletter only goes out online via e-mail to people on our mailing list - so if you are not on it you should sign up. It lets you know all this happening this month with easy links to book onto workshops, performances and more (thankfully it doesn't review all of last months activities or A Rural Review might cease to exist...) To sign up, tear yourself away from this blog for a moment (I know it's difficult - but you can do it - I know you can) and look to your right where you can just pop your e-mail address into the bar to begin reaping the rewards of receiving Rural Arts e-mails. Now you've signed up, as a reward you can continue to read the blog - congratulations!

Sowerby Art - Stone Carvings
Unlike certain ex-leaders of the Labour Party, we could not be more pleased with our stone carving ventures! Since June, Rural Arts has been working with local residents in North Yorkshire creating stone carvings of local events and landmarks in Thirsk, Sowerby and surrounding areas. These fantastic volunteers had never stone carved before attending our taster day in May - and here is just one of the fantastic results that have been created: 

To see this amazing work head to Thirsk Garden Centre now - we want to say a huge thank you once again to our volunteers who have been wonderfully dedicated, enthusiastic and generally all-round lovely over these few months (not to mention pretty darn talented!) To read more about this fantastic project click HERE to see how the Northern Echo covered it this week.

WI Exhibtion
As you may or may not know, this week the Thirsk WI have been using our gallery to celebrate the centenary of this fantastic British institution. It has been super having them this week and there has been a lot of lovely responses from people who have visited. If you want any proof that this has gone down a treat - check out cafe manager Charlotte fully embracing all things WI!

A Taste Of...
Our adults art club, 'A taste of...' is going from strength to strength! This week was paper cutting, and a full workshop of interested people settled in for one of our best sessions yet. To sign up for our adult art class, running every Wednesday from 10:30-12:30 click HERE
Look at all this lovely work!

Whats coming up

Ceramic Pumpkins Workshops
This was mentioned in the last Rural Review but we are including it again to stress just how good we think it is going to be! Do you love all things spooky but also style? Before frightening people would you like them to first admire your ornaments? Well this is the workshop for you! Join Fiona Mazza on Monday the 12th October in carving and making your own stylish Ceramic Pumpkin. Once completed, you can fill it with LED lights to create a wonderful piece that can be bought out every year. To sign up, click HERE

Edwina Hayes
Although this event is happening in November - we thought it only right to include it now because unless you book tickets soon you may miss out! Edwina is a singer songwriter who has been described by Nanci Griffith as having “the sweetest voice in England”. Edwina's accolades include opening numerous shows for Jools Holland and having her Randy Newman cover, Feels Like Home, featured in the Cameron Diaz film, My Sister’s Keeper. Edwina is a Rural Arts veteran and every time she has performed with us has been a huge hit - so grab tickets while you can. You can get them by clicking HERE

Click the video to hear Edwina's wonderful version of Feels Like Home (this version alone has nearly 2 million views on youtube!)
Thirsk Hour
Next week, Rural Arts is in charge of Thirsk Hour, a weekly twitter hour where all businesses in Thirsk band together to promote all the fantastic events/companies in your local area! With Immy and Angela heading up the ship - it is a sure to be the most fun and useful hour you can have on social media! So stop aimlessly scrolling through Facebook (don't lie to yourself you know you do it) and join the conversation @ThirskHour next Thursday 8th October between 6-7pm.

October half term workshops
This half term we are pulling out all the stops - from Monday 26th we have two workshops a day (yes you read that right - two a day! The Rural Review is never wrong) all with a scary, spooky theme. Whether you are making something to eat, something to wear, or something to stick up on the fridge - we have the workshop for you! To get you in the mood - here is a picture of just one of things you could make:
To sign up for any of these workshops, click HERE

Thanks for reading - join us next week for another Rural Review! 

Friday, 25 September 2015

A Rural Review: Week 5!

September is drawing to a close, which means darker nights, chillier days and the realisation that, to quote a popular TV series, "Winter is coming…". But this has been a brilliant month here at Rural Arts and although the days may be getting colder, the future at Rural Arts is looking bright! With that in mind, let's recap what has happened this week and what we have for you in the month of October.

Whats been happening

ON Tour Season
As we are sure you know, this month signalled the start of our ON Tour season - which means a whole host of village halls from the North Yorkshire region opened their doors to some high class, professional performances courtesy of Rural Arts. So far we have had 686 people book onto ON Tour performances both in September and for upcoming performances, which is an amazing start for ON Tour Autumn 2015. To put that into perspective, 686 people coming to our shows is:
  • 140 more than the amount of people who have been fatally attacked by sharks since 1580
  • The entirety of the full time residents of Vatican City coming to an ON Tour performance. (Plus 114 non full time residents - so if the Pope does ever want to visit he can bring some of his support staff - and if he is reading this he is welcome at any time!)
  • 3x more than the amount of athletes who competed in the first Olympic Games of the modern era 
Although these facts are a little silly we genuinely are thrilled not just with the amount of people who have attended our performances but the feedback we have received from everyone who attended.  Getting feedback from happy audience members is one of our favourite things, and we want to thank every single person who has come to an ON Tour show! But we must not sit on our laurels, it is full steam ahead and 'pedal to the metal' for the rest of season, which segways nicely too…

To say this performance, written by Maxine Peake and first seen at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in June 2014, has been a success would be an understatement! People have come in their droves to see these three performances at Northallerton, Settle and Sharow- including two members of the Rural Arts staff last night and more at the weekend!

With an amazing show last night and two sell out performances tonight and tomorrow, West Yorkshire Playhouse's first foray into rural touring has been an unbridled success  and we cannot think of a better performance subject matter than Beryl Burton, a wonderful sportsperson who deserves all the recognition she gets. Heres to you Beryl!

Courthouse brochures

Our brand new Courthouse brochure has arrived - detailing all the fabulous things you get involved with up until Christmas here at the Courthouse, including performances, workshops and exhibitions. Keep you eyes peeled for these which will be dotted around Thirsk and make sure you pick up a copy so you do not miss out on anything - it is the best way to keep up to date with all things Courthouse (this blog is a close second!) 

Here is our new Courthouse brochure sandwiched between the ON Tour brochures - and don't they both look lovely! Talking of sandwiches…

The Cafe - Something for the kids…

Yes, we know that last segway was a little 'cheesy' but we could't help ourselves! Charlotte has been busy this week rustling up some new items for our 'Courthouse Cafe' menu - take a look at the brand new mouth-watering 'Mac n Cheese' - made especially for the little ones!  

To keep up to date with all things Cafe related - you should like our brand new Facebook page dedicated solely to our award winning 'Courthouse Cafe', and there might even be a free Cream Tea in it for you if you do! Click HERE to do just that!

Whats coming up

#CREATEtour Taster Day - Sunday 4th October
You really don't want to miss out on this! If you are aged between 11-18 and live in the Redcar and East Cleveland area then come to our taster day on the 4th October. It is a free one hour workshop working with amazing jazz singer Lindsay Hannon and her band at Tuned In, Redcar. This is free and travel can be provided if you want to come along and have some fun. Also, if you enjoy the session, this taster day could lead you onto doing our full #CREATEtour - where you will spend 4 days working with Lindsay and her band creating your own short performance which you can then tour to 4 different venues, all free of charge with travel provided! To book e-mail or call 01845 526536.  More information can be found HERE

(P.S If you like the sound of Lindsay but are a little too old to do the #CREATEtour, never fear -you can still watch Lindsay and her band perform as part of ON Tour - book tickets HERE)

WI Exhibition
This is the week of our WI Exhibition and we are super excited! Come down to the gallery from the 26th to the 3rd October (excluding the 30th) to see crafts and archive footage from your local WI. The Women's Institute is an integral part of British modern history and if their centenary is not worth celebrating, then we think very little is- we hope to see you there!

Carve and Decorate a Ceramic Pumpkin
On Monday the 12th October, come and join artist Fiona Mazza to make and decorate your own Ceramic Pumpkin - fire it in the kiln and leave with your own special pumpkin to light up with LED lights for Halloween. This is the first time we have ran this workshop and is already proving to be a popular choice - book to avoid disappointment by calling 01845 526 536.

As you can see- it is all go here, but we can't wait to tell you all about it in next weeks 'Rural Review'. See you there!